December 04, 2002

P shipped ?

The P has normally been shipped today from San Jose, CA via FedEx 2 days. Laurent should probably have it and send it to me before the end of the week if things go well.

Apart from that, doing more cleaning.

I spent my day calling the lodger to help Tudor get my apartment and possibly see if it would be easier to get one next year through them when I will come back next year . Looks like however that prices could go up somewhat importantly as there is some crazy demand for apartments in Paris area right now. Prices are currently very high and some people expect some depression in the field, but there is so much demand that it is unlikely, however this really starts to be high and if salaries don't go up more than what they are right now, people will probably run away from the capital and companies will be forced to adjust their offers...frightening..

I also did some boxes and put up some clothes for the Red Cross that I do not use.. That is quite incredible I noticed that I had about 20 pairs of socks and 10 for sports ! that's weird, I kept respectively 6 and 4. The other ones went in the box.

Tomorrow I really have to jump into the insurance problem to sort out what is best, AVI International DAN Divemaster and DAN. AVI is a travel insurance, DiveMaster offer both travel insurance and dive insurance and equipment insurance via Lloyd's, DAN offers the minimum for diving so I will take it anyway and it's a non profit organization that greatly helped in the diving health reasearch.

Posted by stephane at December 4, 2002 01:08 AM