December 07, 2002


Insurance is probably the biggest rip-off existing in the world.

I mean, there are no one in any company that know the insurance they sell and they all tell you crap. I spent my day checking insurance papers and small prints and exclusions and coverages and premiums for things like: AVI, DAN, Dive Master, Mondial Assistance, CFE, AIPS, DEPP and AXA/Lafont (FFESSM).

I need an insurance that will cover me for a year of diving and travel worldwide. It should include medical assistance, medical insurance, baggage insurance, diving equipment insurance, camera insurance.

Caveat 1: Some insurance do not cover you in your own country. It means that, if you have an accident and the doctor ask for repatriation your stay in your own country will not be covered while it will be in a foreign country. Thus if you are French you'd better be repatriated in Germany so that the insurance actually do pay. Go figure what repatriation is all about.

Fact: If you are unemployed you will be covered by social security for a year starting from the end of your last day work. For more info see here so you don't have to worry about your coverage in France. pfeew.

AVI does not cover you for accidents related to the use of motorcycles except if you pay a 15EUR/month surcharge. And it does not cover your lost baggage except if you pay a 14EUR/month surcharge. (limited to 1000EUR and 200EUR per item). Total cost : (42.5 + 14 +15)*12 = 858EUR, 772EUR if you are an ABM member. Civil liability for material damages via fire is low: 75,000EUR.
Which means that if you accidentaly put a shop on fire, chance is that this will not be enough to cover you. (Ok, I have rarely seen this, so advice: run away).

DAN does have extremely low amounts for travel insurance and civil liability.
Even medical assistance is not so high but then again it might be more than enough.

Dive-master offers a full featured package with a diving insurance, equipment insurance, and travel insurance.
Premium for diving equipment (1200EUR): 56EUR.
Premium for camera equipment (1000EUR): 78EUR

DEPP premium is 30$ for $2000 equipment. A bargain. There are a huge number of people using this insurance and is highly recommended.
Note however that this is a 'replacement' insurance. No cash.

Posted by stephane at December 7, 2002 01:02 AM