January 19, 2003


I just arrived in Dahab. I'm sharing a room with a french named Maher that was in my bus. He plans to stay a week here and is just finishing his RTW. Huge advantage, he speaks arabic as he was born in Lebanon. He negogiated a low rate: 5EGP / person ! (1EUR). Hopefully that will save me some money
He is also a software engineer. The world is a small place.

As I said I went back to the pyramids yesterday afternoon so I hope to post pictures soon, but it does look like that there are no cd drives on all computers here. So wait and see.

I took the bus at 12:15am at Turgoman garage with East Delta, the travel was epic...just imagine loud arabic music at its best followed by Spiderman movie (at least half of it with arabic subtitles) and of course a packed full bus.

That's a 9h ride, we got ticket checked about 4 times and passport checked 3 times and that was some serious check. They are not kidding here.

Posted by stephane at January 19, 2003 10:03 AM

suis content de voir que tu es a dahab,je sais que c'est mieux que sharm pour la plongee,et comme tu parlais de sharm dans tes precedents messages, je regrettais pour toi

Posted by: bailliez on January 20, 2003 04:26 PM