January 30, 2003

Goodbye Maher

All good things come to an end. Maher left today to Cairo and will transit via Paris and then jump to a plane for Denver for a couple of days. It was cool to meet him here, it is a nice guy and he has been very helpful. It is sad that he was sick for the last days of his round-the-world trip and he could not dive here. So good luck to him for his new job wherever it is.

In the morning we have had some fun shopping for saffron in Dahab, it looked like we nearly shocked the 'spice man' vendor. We got the saffron for 1.25EGP (0.25EUR) per gram. It looks like price in Europe is around 4EUR per gram. Quite a big difference.

Following this I have decided to move from Auski camp to El Salam camp where I can continue to benefit from a rate of 5EGP (1EUR) / night. I might well be sucked to death by mosquitoes tonight but I will see how it goes and take the necessary actions by then

That said I will dive tomorrow mainly for photography purposes. The set of 10 dives has been offerred to me for $150. I will check around for better prices but it is quite unlikely. The Thistleghorm has been offered to me for $90 (3 dives + transport 2 ways + night + food) which is somewhat attractive. Ras Abu Galum goes also for $90 but this one is a bit pricey to me.

Posted by stephane at January 30, 2003 09:21 PM