February 16, 2003


I'm in Petra right now, that is, in the Kingdom of Jordan. I finally decided to take a look as it wasn't that far from Dahab. Roughly I took a 1h15 bus from Dahab to Nuweiba (20EGP) then a 1h30 ferry from Nuweiba to Aqaba (45$), then a 2h local minibus from Aqaba to Petra (4JD).

I have been in Petra the full day starting from 7:30 to 16:30 and I have been walking ALL day through rocks and thousand of stairs that go up to the Monastery or the High Place and I'm exhausted. I bought 2 Mars bars as a bonus when leaving Petra and I can't wait the dinner tonight
I bought a 3-day pass for 16JD (Prices are 11/13.5/16JD for 1/2/3 days) and I'm now wondering what I will do tomorrow as I feel like I saw everything to be seen ( including the Snake monument far from everything and where absolutely nobody went as far as I could see - well, that is, the 10 lost tourists, including me that were visiting Petra the whole day... so as you can see, it is not crowded. Time to book your flight to Jordan ladies and gentlemen. )

Posted by stephane at February 16, 2003 05:11 PM