March 01, 2003

Leaving soon...maybe

As some of you may have noticed I have delayed my departure flights from Egypt. Originally as of today I should have been in the Seychelles, but I delayed my flight to saturday March 15.

My plan was to take a week or so to visit the south of Egypt: Assuan, Luxor, Abu Simbel... and go back to Cairo. Fact is desert, ruins, stones, egyptian turistic attraction are really starting to get of my nerves more because of egyptian than any other thing ( as a contrast, Jordanians are so much friendlier and less harassing and less sneaky than it was refreshing to go to Jordan )

To sum up the next flights:
CAI-LHR: 15/03
LHR-SEZ: 17/03

As you can see I do not plan to spend that much time in the Seychelles. Why ? Because this is simply frigging expensive and that nothing is done to welcome tourists that don't plan to spend a minimum of 70$/night in a backroom.

I have tried without success to get some good deals but it is high season and they could not care less.

I would like to thanks Pavlina Prochazkova for trying her best to arrange something for me. I have had the pleasure to dive with her a couple of weeks ago in Dahab, and coincidence is that she was also organizing trips to the Seychelles as a part time job in Prague - Czech Republic -

Posted by stephane at March 1, 2003 10:33 PM