March 17, 2003

I like London in the rain

I'm now in London, writing this in a cybercafe in Fulham. I left Dahab on Friday at 2PM not without some hard feelings, I spent the next 9 hours in the bus to Cairo thinking about a lot of things. The trip was quite ok at least much more appreciated than the night bus from Cairo to Dahab.

I was in the bus with John, a english that was owning a bar in Majorca and who was just ending his holidays. He was leaving from Cairo at 5:30AM and he was heading to the airport directly as the bus arrived in Cairo around 11PM, so I chose not to go to an hotel but rather spend the whole night at the airport waiting.

It is always boring to look for an hotel in the middle of the night with 2 backpacks and having to bargain for taxis, so having some company for a couple of hours was much appreciated but then again my flight was leaving at 8:55AM so that was a hell of a long wait !

We ended up quite quickly at the airport and we paid 20EGP for the taxi. We then started to look for some foods to eat...Little problem, the restaurant in the airport charge 4EGP for a miserable cheese sandwich, it was like I could take 5 or 6 for each of us.

I wandered around the airport and at one moment asked a duty free shop boss where I could find something to eat more than these miserables sandwiches. He was a very nice guy and proposed me to order the 'staff food' they were usually having from a restaurant out of the airport. It was a half chicken with rice, bread, salad, tajina and such for 10EGP. It looks like he made about 5EGP as I saw him paying 15EGP, but then again, this is nothing and was much appreciated for us. The food was huge and excellent. For the well informed it as much better than the chicken restaurant in Dahab !

I then spent the next (long) hours waiting for my flight to London. John checked in around 3AM and I did around 7AM. I think there was less than 100 people in the flight (I'm pretty sure having seen the meal sheet with 67 meals).

I arrived in London around 12:30PM, the taxing took about 30 mins. I took my 2 backpacks and headed to the underground...ooops no underground, they were doing work on the they were some buses that were bringing people to Acton Town and from there we could take the underground, but there was a hell of a traffic and I came to Delphine and Johann house at around 3PM+...

This was nice to see Isabelle and Fabrice who went from Paris for the week end. So many thanks to all of them for the accommodation and visit !

We went to the British Museum on Sunday afternoon (all these people are late birds ). I wanted to see the Egyptian gallery and it is well worth it compared to the Egyptian museum in Cairo.

Isabelle and Fabrice took the Eurostar around 6PM to go back to Paris and Delphine, Johann and I ended up in an indian restaurant in the evening.

Oh and by the way, the weather is incredibly nice here. Blue sky ! It is not raining, it is not cloudy at all. Wow !

Posted by stephane at March 17, 2003 12:48 PM

I just wanted to comment on two things.
First of all the title! If you don't read through the whole post, you might think it is actually always raining in London, which is wrong as you admit it is very sunny!
Second of all, you are insinuating that we don't get up early in the morning and..... well OK I'll give you that! ;o)))


Posted by: Johann on March 18, 2003 05:21 PM

'I like London in the rain' was actually a reference to the very first song of Hotel Costes vol. 4

Posted by: Stephane on March 24, 2003 02:14 PM