March 23, 2003

Karibu Kenya !

Which means 'Welcome to Kenya' in Swahili. I left yesterday evening from the Seychelles and I'm now in Nairobi, staying at the Nairobi Backpacker. I could not do everything I wanted to the last day at Mahe because of... well, it's the islands, it's warm, it's humid, so anything that could be done in 5 minutes takes about 30 minutes.

I was afraid that the check-in would take quite a long time at the airport and I was right. I was at the airport at about 4:45PM (departure planned at 7:30PM). I started to queue and was probably the 6th or 8th pax. It took about 1h15 to process these people. Nothing special of course, it's just the Seychelles way.

We boarded right on time.. and waited... 1 hour on the tarmac. They could not identify one baggage and were trying to sort it out themselves, but failed to do so. All passengers had to get out of the aircraft for a visual recognition of baggages, it took another 40 minutes. Pfeew.

I arrived in the Nairobi baggage hall around 0:15AM after paying the $50 fee for the visa, I was one of the rare passengers to get out of the plane here. I grabbed one of my bag... and waited for the other..huho..I could smell problems, my backpack was not here. I caught an official quickly and told him that I was missing my bag. It appeared later that the backpack was still in the aircraft - scheduled to stay only 1h in transit in Nairobi before heading to London -, and luckily I got it 20 minutes later.

My host at Nairobi Backpacker has been waiting for me at the exit since 9:30PM... I thank him for that.

When I arrived in Nairobi it was raining and it looks like it has been the first rain for 3 months now, so the rainy season officially started.

I'm the only customer in the hotel right now. 3 of them left early this morning. I plan to stay a couple of days here in order to get an idea of what to do exactly and where, and look around for information.

Posted by stephane at March 23, 2003 11:11 AM