March 19, 2003

Diving in Mahe

I woke up at 7:30AM. The breakfast was starting at 8AM until 9AM. Pretty short window and pretty late..but it's the islands... Anyway I had to hurry to take my breakfast as the taxi was supposed to arrive at 8:15AM. Which I did. And the taxi arrived...right on time at 9:00AM !! I was just trying to reach the Dive Center but the phone numbers indicated in the Tourism Office map are not valid anymore ! Pretty interesting business practice ! I'm wondering if many people can actually reach them.

Anyway, I got right on time at the Dive Center, we ended up diving in Baie de Ternay. I was slightly horrified as the water was filled with particles and a load of people dynamiting the place would have give a better result as it was pretty empty of fauna and flaura was quasi-inexistent. Was that the promising Seychelles diving ? I hoped not

Not that during this dive I was diving my 5mm suit and was sweating incredibly, it would have been better in a sauna ! I traded my suit for a light shorty on the afternoon.

On the afternoon, I was lucky enough to dive in pair with an italian woman named Elena. The instructor was busy with some Open Water and intro dives so he let us go by ourselves which I thank him for that. It was a very nice dive and it was a pleasure to dive with Elena, we spotted a rare black-spotted moray and a load of other nice underwater species.

I went back to the Calypha guesthouse at 7PM just in time to take a shower and eat dinner along with a French and German couple. The French couple then proposed us to drink a beer in Victoria as they were renting a mini-moke and we ended up in Pirate arms.

Calypha guesthouse, Mahe Whitespotted boxfish (male) Krempf's wart slug Yellowedged moray Masked porcupinefish Pipefish Blacktip grouper Black-spotted moray Black-spotted moray Octopus Devil Scorpionfish

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