April 11, 2003

On the Way to Tanga

I left this morning from Diani to Mombasa along with two danish girls on their way back to Nairobi. On their advices I went to an hotel they recommended to me to spend the night in Mombasa...and oh boy, what a shithole !

I stay on the New People Lodge. I had a single room (300KSh) facing a busy street, so it is crystal clear that I won't have much sleep tonight. It was so weird that I moved to a double room (400KSh) to at least have some electricity to waste some time watching a DivX and having a working fan.

I booked a bus ticket to Tanga at Fahmeed Coach for 400KSh (Intersection Kenyatta Av., Haile Selassie Rd, next to the Coastline office, buses that goe to Nairobi). It is supposed to be a luxury bus..29/30 people fit inside. I did not want to take the big bus (that looked like shit anyway and that is the same price) to try to save some time at the border (immigration processing). I leave by 9:00AM tomorrow and should be in Tanga by 12:30PM. Finger crossed.

I avoided matatus as I wanted to arrive in one complete piece and did not feel like having my 2 bags on the roof all the way long.

Posted by stephane at April 11, 2003 02:02 PM

...ša donne tout d'suite pas envie de venir )))


Posted by: sophie on April 11, 2003 02:41 PM

c'est ca l'aventure

Posted by: stephane on April 11, 2003 03:35 PM

Salut Stephane ,j'espere que ton voyage en bus a ete cool !!
les photos sont super et je regrette deja le climat...( 0░ a Bruxelles Vendredi matin !!)
30░ d'un coup c'est dur !!
A bientot pour de nouvelles aventures ...

Posted by: cyril on April 12, 2003 10:21 AM

Je crois que la saison des pluies commencent a arriver quand meme (pluie a Mombasa a 4AM et ce matin a Tanga, meme heure) mais temperature toujours dans les 32-33

A bientot peut etre en Asie, mais je suis pas presse en ce moment

Posted by: stephane on April 14, 2003 10:14 AM