April 25, 2003

Diving Nungwi

I have been in Nungwi since yesterday and I like this place. I have been reconcialited with the dives in Zanzibar. I have been diving with Sensation Divers and staying at Amaan Beach Bungalows ($10/night). Here you have a nice visibility, lots of turtles, plenty of fishes and....very nice beaches. This contrast heavily with the dives in Stonetown where I can qualify the dives as 'terrible'. In short the marine life is totally absent due to local fishermen playing a little bit too much with explosives...

They have been using dynamite in the past (and apparently still are from time to time) and the coral reefs are totally and absolutely destroyed... you can dive for 30 minutes in some place without seeing a fish bigger than a finger...assuming you bump into a turtle or a ray they will escape quickly which could mean that they are used to have fishermen chasing them...

I plan to leave on Sunday from this place, more probably on monday as I think I will favor Kenya Airways solution (I'm getting lazy and the price difference between flying and taking ferry/bus is not that high...especially if you consider time).

Moreover Wies may come on monday from Dar Es Salaam, so who knows ? maybe I will stay until tuesday just to greet her

Posted by stephane at April 25, 2003 07:12 PM