April 19, 2003


A couple of pictures from the day in Stonetown.

Kenyatta road in Stonetown Arab fort House of Wonders, designed by a scottish marine engineer for the Sultan in 1883 House of Wonders Forodhani gardens or... food market in the evening where you can eat local food for about $1 House of Wonders Bronze guns captured from the Portuguese by the Persians at Ormuz in 1622 and then by Omani Arabs (supposedly)

Posted by stephane at April 19, 2003 06:35 PM

just finally getting a chance to look at your adventures and pics. turns out you showed up in Zanzibar just days after I left. Eston and I were there for the first 12 days of April. lovely place. We also went diving near mnemba traveled out there in a little dow. I am back in the USA now, Arizona specifically and the winds are blowing some not so warm and temperate air around. Looks like I will be here for the summer as it seems right now. Those pics of Tait and I on the Mt. certainly are colorful and dramatic especially as I seem them from my back in America eyes.
take care,

Posted by: AnnaJo on May 7, 2003 10:49 PM