May 10, 2003

Elephants everywhere

I went today to Chobe National Park located in... Botswana. Another visa stamp on my passport (moreover it was free). Chobe is well known for its dense population of elephants and indeed, they were all over the place. You cannot miss them.

I left from Livingstone around 7:00AM along with Celine (Irish) and Sylvie (Swiss) and we took a taxi (110000KZM) to Kazungula Border Post located 70km from Livingstone. After asking for a reentry visa in Zambia (5000KZM), we then took a ferry (1000KZM) to cross the Chobe river and we were picked up to Kasane (about 5 km from the border) by our safari land rover.

We spent more than 2 hours in the park, from 10 to 12. Not the best hour for a game drive as we saw mainly elephants but we were so close to them that it was still worth it. On the afternoon we were having lunch on the boat and observing elephants coming to the river.

We left around 15:00 to take the ferry and come back to Livingstone. We did not pay the ferry this time (go figure...) and we were able to find a taxi for 45000KZM.

Chobe river from the Kazungula ferry between Zambia and Botswana Elephant eating and scratching itself Chobe river, hippos are laying on the right bank Group of impalas Impalas Small crocodile getting some sun Warthogs. Two babies on the right and daddy behind them

Just a side note about Celine that I find amusing. She just left a couple of months ago from London and after spending some time in Kenya and Tanzania, she has been ripped off from more than 350$ by 2 french guys in the Tanzanian border as she was confused between currencies. Then when travelling to Livingstone, her backpack fell from the bus and she lost -everything- (amazingly the bus company here immediately gave her 1000$ cash) and then she got malaria while in Livingstone. Talk about bad luck, she nearly got it all but she's still very positive. It's africa after all.

Posted by stephane at May 10, 2003 08:01 PM