May 18, 2003

Where else in the world ...

I came back yesterday after spending 2 days in Gweru, located in the middle of Zimbabwe. More exactly I was staying in Antelope park where I had incredible experiences. I was able to walk and play with lions aged from 4-months to over a year old (you'd better pay attention with those one). I took some incredible pictures of them and that was really special to be able to cuddle them like cats (still being aware of their sudden change of mood though as they have the same snobbish attitude as cats do and lions are extremely powerful, with sharp claws and teeths that cut meat like paper, my sweat shirt can testify for that).

To make a long story short, I failed to take the train on wednesday as this was fully booked (there are not a lot of bus these days to fuel shortage), therefore I took the bus the next day (9000ZIM$) around 4:30AM...but I was sitting there until 6AM since we were waiting for the bus to be full... it got even more full during the way.

That is to say that the trip could have been better, especially since room leg were not enough to accommodate a pygmee and I was severely twisted with my knees deep into the preceding seat...we arrived in Bulawayo (420km later) around 12:30PM... and we managed to be in Gweru (150km later) by 3PM.

I spent 2 nights at Antelope Park and left on Saturday around 12:15PM with a luxury bus to Bulawayo (Blue Arrow company, 5520ZIM$). I arrived around 2:30PM and then had no choice than to go to the 'bus station' via taxi (5000ZIM$) to get a minibus to Vic Falls (6500ZIM$)... I arrived at Vic Falls at 8:30PM and was really happy to find a bed...

To sum up my stay at Antelope Park, well this is difficult and I hope pictures will talk for themselves. Let's just say that this place is absolutely amazing and 'excellent' value for money. Single rooms are US$15 with a huge delicious 'english' breakfast and rooms are much better than what you can find in the Seychelles for $60, so that give you the idea... Lunch and dinner are respectively $4 and $5 and will feed you up easily and it is delicious (well of course it is english cooking, which might sound like it does not mix, but after some time in Africa eating chicken and chips nearly every day, a real meal is very welcome)

About activities, walking with lions is $25 (and 50% off for next one), an horse ride in the park is $15 and elephant ride is $ give you an idea, in Livingstone they charge $100 for the later !!! (Everythibg in Livingstone/Victoria Falls seems to be set in the $80-$100 mark anyway...)

Posted by stephane at May 18, 2003 11:03 AM