May 18, 2003


I'm in Johannesburg right now, staying at Rockey's of Fourways. It was recommended to me in Vic Falls. It was a mistake. The place is very nice but the staff makes my stay miserable. Asking any information and have them move their butts from the sofa from watching TV makes you feel like you are asking them too much. This is maybe why there are less than 5 people there. Dunno if there is a relation.

Anyway, I will move from this place tomorrow and benefit from all the free deposit/pickups to/from airport of all backpackers to go to the airport and see my cousin before she leaves. Fact is I'm far north and 40km from the airport while she was staying more than 80km south of the airport. Everything is gigantic and requires long distance travels here so I guess renting a car could be useful some day... will see.

Now the more important is to find a decent place where you can ask for information and talk to travellers to have feedback and help (this is obviouslly asking too much where I'm staying). I will try to sort that out tomorrow.

I went to the MonteCasino shopping centre which is close to Rockey's and this place is absolutely amazing. This is absolutely huge and I mean it. You feel like you're in some kind of Disney Land shopping centre inside. Everything is perfectly clean with some sort of european village infrastructure inside, a fake sky 20m high with artificial lighting, really really strange.... Of course you have luxury shops inside, for the records, I just noticed that the woodcarving that I bought in Zimbabwe for US$25 is sold here for about $US200....mmm, will have to think about being a 'woodcarving reseller'.

Oh and should I mention that this shopping centre is a 'gun free' area ? You have to drop your weapon in a weapon safe before getting in and you are deeply checked for it...

I went to the shopping centre in the evening to escape the Rockey's attitude and went to the NuMetro cinema, it has been a long time since I saw a movie and I will try to catch up here, Matrix 2 is due out in a couple of days...will have to see this.

I will probably return there to spend time tomorrow morning. By the way, I just surprisingly saw that I already watched during my flights a couple of movies that are due out soon here and probably in Europe, not sure. Just in case, I highly recommend The Emperor's Club and The Four Feathers.

Posted by stephane at May 18, 2003 11:14 PM

Great to hear about your travels and that you found that amazing shopping center. Too bad about Rockey's but I know you'll find a better place in short order. I think you should write a book about your travels because surely you have an insider's look at how to get around in these countries. I'd buy a copy. Anyhow, have a great time. Oh, I also wanted to ask you how you like your Olympus camera. I have a Canon but have been looking at the Olympus. Catherine

Posted by: Catherine on May 19, 2003 06:11 AM