May 23, 2003


I'm now in Durban situated in the Kwazulu Natal. I took a Greyhound bus (R150) this morning from Johannesburg and after a couple of hours driving in a splendid am I. A lot of backpackers hotel are full here and I am staying right now at Traveler's International Lodge (R75).

By the way, I should mention that I did not sleep much last night as well as other people sharing my dorm except one...the one who was snoring like a chainsaw. I can draw unfortunately a stereotype among certain brit/aussie backpackers: they have a tendancy to absorb a huge quantity of beer, do nothing but stay at the hostel bar (that is traveling !) all day, usually go to bed early in the morning between 2 and 4AM as discreet as an elephant: "where's my fucking blanket ?" and of course sleep until 11AM if possible snoring.

Luckily there are not all like this.

Posted by stephane at May 23, 2003 06:55 PM