May 24, 2003

Lost in South Africa

I have mixed feelings about this country right now, or at least the traveller/hostels around. I have been talking this morning with Rose and Ann, 2 american sisters that tell me the same. It is extremely difficult to obtain real information of what to do around and the way to do it.

Amazingly it looks like that most people here are 'easy' travelers and enjoy being in a tour and not going out of the beaten track. When you ask about cool things to do around, people tell you that there is a 'cool mall' around... interesting eh ?

No one wanders into the street or simply go out (but in the mall of course). The only 'safe' (so people said) to move around is by taxi ($$$), you don't have any first hand information about the surroundings as most 'travellers' stay at the hostel or go to the local pub while the hostel staff is watching TV all day.

The only way most people move around is by the BazBus (what's the point ? it is expensive and drop you along a given route). For the same price you can rent a car for several days and be on your own.

Rose and Ann kindly proposed me to move with them to the Drakensberg and enjoy some quiet place far from the crowd. I'm not sure myself what I want to do so I declined for now as I would like to go diving to Aliwal Shoal, a few kilometers from Durban. I will think about Sodwana Bay in the next few days and then maybe rent a car and go to the Drakensberg and all the way to Capetown.

Posted by stephane at May 24, 2003 11:43 AM