May 26, 2003


Just after posting the last entry I called Umkomaas Lodge to enquire about diving. Unkomaas is just about 40km from Durban and is well known for being a launching point to Aliwal Shoal, one of the top diving sites in the world well known for its dense population of ragged tooth sharks.

They were kind enough to pick me up in Durban and I was given a room facing sea for the price of a backpacker accommodation (R35 - $5) due to the fact that I was coming from 'so far away'. The view is stunning and I'm meters from the sea and can watch sunrise and sunset from my bed.

I went diving yesterday and it was kind of pleasant except that I aborted the dive in my 2nd dive to an unexpected accident. After 25 minutes my cylinder decided to stop giving me air in a continuous flow due to a defect in the opening, after grabbing one of the diver close to me to get his octopus we did an emergency ascent. Too bad, it was a very nice dive.

Lesson learned. Always check your pressure gauge when testing the regulator after opening the tank, for instance I was loosing about 120 bars when inspiring, thus when reaching 150 bars I was having some little problems...

This morning I was supposed to dive as well with The Whaler in order to group divers, but it was canceled because the wind was starting to blow quite a bit and a few hours later the sea was incredibly rough. Right decision obviously !

Posted by stephane at May 26, 2003 02:49 PM