June 19, 2003

Bye Bye Sodwana

I left Sodwana and Coral Divers around 13:30 and managed to find my way to Salt Rocks, 50km north to Durban. I'm kindly being hosted by Pam & Fred (see previous entries, Fred is the creator of the excellent Scuba Sodwana CDROMs that all divers interested about marine life in South Africa should get).

Nothing special these last days except that yesterday all hell broke loose with my camera. I managed to insert batteries the wrong side, the camera had obviously some memory effect of it and was not really responsive for some time. I fixed it for the second dive and then a huge shock on the boat when going through the breakers probably 'shocked'it a little bit. Nothing was working after... oops. This was also fixed later after removing and inserting the batteries back (in the correct side this time).

Today, I was incredibly lucky as I had flooding in the housing and it looks like the camera was not touched. I had about 2 teaspoons of water inside the housing after the dive - I have no idea where this was coming from ! - I cleaned everything and did a test in a tank after the dive, everything seems ok, no leaking so far... mistery.

That's too bad because the weather, the sea and the visibility was absolutely great and all was combined for a very nice dive in 7-mile. It was so good that I even though staying a few days more...but mm.. I really have to move.

Posted by stephane at June 19, 2003 10:27 PM

may be you have to shift on a 2 years vacation schedule!!!!

Posted by: jano on June 20, 2003 07:28 PM

I was thinking about it

Posted by: stephane on June 23, 2003 01:18 PM

Listen, I've read about your bad experiences, why don't you just get another housing, contact Andrč Slade at Inner Space Developments. If you love 7-mile, you should try Stringer(Big and Little). I'm a frequent visitor to Sodwana for about 13 years, I've also had the trouble

Posted by: Lz on November 29, 2003 06:55 AM

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