June 25, 2003

Manta rays again...

At least ! The water was cleared up by some small rains yesterday night and the rough sea probably helped as well. Visibility was back to something decent, over 20m. We were dropped next to a manta ray and ended up into a group of them a few minutes later. Idem for the second dive after surfacing I was in the middle of the group of the mantas, they were feeding at the surface and I managed to take a few other pictures.

By the way, avoid diving with the Whaler these days if you don't want to get angry at such unprofessional people. Wait until there is some change.

Preparing for a surf launch through the breakers in Umkomaas Male boxy (Ostracion cubicus) Manta ray (Manta birostrosis) Manta ray (Manta birostrosis) Manta ray (Manta birostrosis) Whitespotted moray (gymnothorax johnsoni) Nudibranch Cleaner shrimp. In the background the body of a whitespotted moray. Dutoiti (Pseudochromis dutoiti) Painted rock lobster (panulirus versicolor) hiding in hole. Hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) Manta ray (Manta birostrosis) Manta ray (Manta birostrosis) Manta ray (Manta birostrosis)

Posted by stephane at June 25, 2003 04:04 PM

if you are not diving with the Whaler then who are you diving with. How about setting up some sort of scoring system for the operator, the dive site, the resort and such ?

Posted by: Fred on June 26, 2003 08:24 AM

Hi Fred. Roughly I'm diving with Whaler, Sea Fever, Aliwal Dive Charters and Umkomaas Diving Lodge Sounds like a lot eh ? All in all the comparison is hard with Coral Divers in terms of 'briefing' and behavior. There is more than often improvisation under and over water and I find that the crew lacks a little bit of attention to the expensive gear that some people are bringing inside of the boat.

Posted by: stephane on June 26, 2003 04:37 PM