June 26, 2003

Last Dives in Aliwal

I think I have finished with my dives here. I did Cathedral this morning and ended up seeing a ragged tooth shark but could not manage to take a good picture of it. Visibility was average, a bare 8m. I think I will move by tomorrow toward Margate.

Potato bass (Epinephelus tukula) Potato bass (Epinephelus tukula) Rock lobster retreating and walking over a scorpionfish Yellowspotted scorpionfish (Sebastapistes cyanostigma) Spotted hawkfish (Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus) Ragged tooth shark taken in crappy visibility conditions in Cathedral Hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) Surfacing under Sea Fever (www.seafever.co.za) boat. Surfacing under Sea Fever (www.seafever.co.za) boat.

Posted by stephane at June 26, 2003 05:05 PM