July 09, 2003

Robben Island

I have been to Robben Island today. Robben Island was the center of detention of political troublemakers during apartheid time Nelson Mandela was detained there for 18 years. I was extremely disappointed by the content of the tour, not to say the conditions, especially considering the high price (R150, we could not make it for the special promotion of R60).

We ended up in a crappy bus after disembarking from the ferry. (Even the local bus I took during my travel in Zimbabwe where the goal was to packed as many people as possible was in a better condition than this one). We could not go out from the bus while 'visiting' the place.

Just imagine something like "On your left/right, you can see...." when you are sitting on the opposite side and this is all but a touring bus. In short you see nothing. The 'bus guide' was as entertaining as a prison door in trying to use a dramatic tone. All you wanted to do is sleep... It was extremely soporiphic.

Then we disembarked from the bus to visit the 'prison' itself and an ex-prisoner told his story for 45 minutes.

Posted by stephane at July 9, 2003 04:35 PM