July 10, 2003

Capetown life

I had again a rough night yesterday as we celebrated Nick's birthday in Capetown. Nick is a former colleague of Celine and they met strangely in Ashanti Lodge in Capetown. Before that it happened that he was staying in Hermanus during the time I was there and went shark diving the day before. This is a small world.

Justin, an irish marine biologist student who was a volunteer in the shark diving company we took in Gansbaai also joined us as he finished his job in Gansbaai.

We ended up in a restaurant called Madame Zagara in Capetown. It is some kind of new-style moroccan restaurant with lounge music and it is not far from Long Street. We then went to Eclipse some kind of modern-style disco/bar which was completely empty and ended up in Buddha Bar which was really packed (a little bit too much).

In the morning I went shopping around trying to find some souvenirs from South Africa at reasonable prices. The later is somewhat difficult to achieve here as african art is a big business in Capetown (and more generally in South Africa) and prices reach an absolutely ridiculous amount.

Moreover there is next to zero art from South Africa, nearly everything is coming from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi or Mozambique. There are also a good numbers of people from Cameroon, Senegal or Kenya selling crafts from their own country. You also find some crafts and masks from Zaire.

Now that I have been hanging in marketplace around all these countries I can spot quickly art style and link it to one of these countries. That is definitely useful.

On another note, I will obviouslly leave Capetown probably on Monday and will try my best to get to Cebu ASAP and not stop in Hong Kong (I will maybe do it on the way back). I will go tomorrow to Franschoek/Stellenbosch and on saturday I will go to the rugby match South Africa - Australia.

I will do my best to update the website with pictures on saturday morning.

Posted by stephane at July 10, 2003 04:42 PM