July 12, 2003

South Africa: 26 - Australia: 22

I managed to be at the Capetown stadium for the rugby match between South Africa (Springbok) and Australia (Wallabies). It was the opening match of the Tri-Nations championship (South Africa - Australia - New Zealand) and there was a fantastic atmosphere. It is hard to say whether the stadium was full of South Africans but it looks like nearly all tourist backpackers in town were there because of the good deals we had on tickets (R80, standing seats). The locals and the press were kind of pessimistic about the results, but the Springboks managed beating Australia 26-22 with what is said to be the best try in the Springbok history.

In the evening we managed to find a Thai restaurant in the observatory district.

Later on we went to Camps Bay in a place called Eclipse which has been recommended by someone during the week. The decor is very Phillipe Starck like and is facing the ocean but the place happened to be totally empty so we stayed there a couple of minutes only...

..and we went to Sutra Groove Bar. Beside the DJ this night being a complete loser (and I mean it, he successfully managed to break the rythm by moving from one style to another) I don't understand why all the 'in' places in Capetown are so cramped. Let me explain. We are in winter. Capetown is supposed to be empty and is by summer standard here. As you walk in the buddha bar, sutra groove bar or la med, the dancing floor is so cramped that it can hardly accommodate more than 50 people and have reasonable space. (For the record, Sutra is said to be able to accommodate 450 people).

Interesting !

Posted by stephane at July 12, 2003 06:51 PM