July 18, 2003

Hong Kong

I landed in Hong-Kong about 4 hours ago. I woke up in Capetown around 5:15AM to take a flight to Johannesburg at 7:30AM and jump into the one to Hong-Kong at 12:50PM. After more than 13 hours of flight, here am I, hanging in the Chungking Mansions shops.

I was a bit disappointed by Cathay Pacific. Frequent Flyers on Flyertalk rank the airline very highly but this might be due to the fact that unlike most of them, I'm a mere peon travelling in economy rather than business or first. Food was ok but not much to eat and I would have appreciated a dinner rather than a lunch followed 8 hours later by a breakfast (I even did a razzia during the night on the snacks - (hey they even have some noodles if you hurry - ). Movie selection was extremely bad, music selection quite ok but the audio equipment was really really bad. Crew was however top notch and very friendly even though one of the hostess managed to throw the content of a meal on my trouser but no big deal).

I'm a bit lacking of sleep (an euphemism to say I did not sleep) and the change is brutal. The temperature here is a warm 30C and quite humid. As usual wherever I am it is a beautiful sunny day . By the way, it looks like the rain was coming to Capetown starting from today reinforcing the fact that I'm bringing the sun in my backpack.

I checked in at the YMCA in Kowloon and the place looks like more a 3* hotel (if not more) than a youth hostel ! I noticed there is a 24h fitness center also next to it, so I might give it a try later.

I was a lazy guy at the airport and took the bus shuttle recommended to me by the YMCA (HK$120) rather than do it on my own with the Airport Express Rail (HK$90). The shuttle is a door-to-door service, so it dropped me right in front of the hotel, so there was really no point in having a budgetitis syndrom.

Posted by stephane at July 18, 2003 05:07 AM