July 20, 2003

Live From Hong Kong Airport

I'm writing this from the Sky Garden bar,in the West Hall of Hong Kong airport. I'm ready to board my flight to Cebu, Philippines in the next 30 minutes. I took the Airport Express train from Kowloon Station (HK$90). While going there using their free shuttle I managed to stay in sync with my ability to lose something in every country I stay, but this is probably my most expensive mistake. I lost my sunglasses (corrective lenses) I don't know how, probably while boarding the bus. I had them around my neck but when putting all my bagages on board they probably fell somewhere and I found myself inside the bus with no sunglasses. I'm VERY pissed off. And of course my insurance does not cover this. Sometimes I'm wondering when an insurance is useful.

When I arrived at the Airport Express station in Kowloon (you can actually check in for your flight here) the lady at the Cathay Pacific told me "Sorry,Sir, you have an excess of 5kg for your baggages" (30kg, dive equipment 15kg and backpack 15kg). No thank you miss, I'm allowed 2 pieces for a total of 60kg, watch out for my ticket ! grrrr !

Then I took the opportunity to book my next legs Cebu-Hong Kong-Bangkok. All this will be made on July 29. It took about 15 minutes and the lady used 2 phones to maximize her chance to reach someone at the ticketing office. Like in South Africa, it looks like you have absolutely NO chance of booking your flight yourself if you don't do it several days in advance ! She told me she was using the internal lines otherwise I would miss my flight queeuing !

Posted by stephane at July 20, 2003 08:44 AM