July 20, 2003


I managed to arrive in Cebu beside Cathay Pacific delaying the flight for more than one hour, changing the gate and put it 2km away from the other one and finally changing the boarding call in the way. I had a survey to fill during the flight and could express my feelings . I'm leaving Hong Kong just when a warning as been issued due to a tropical cyclon approaching. The sky during the flight was amazing as there were different thick cloud layers from 3000ft to probably 40000ft (we were flying at 37000ft).

I'm now in a more decent country financially speaking, I paid 195 pesos for my taxi and I'm staying in a double room - no single available - (500 pesos) and had dinner for 61 pesos (50 pesos = US$1) and using internet for 20 pesos (0.4$) per hour. This is most welcome after 2 crazy days in Hong Kong that were budget killer ! I will slowly degrade the accommodation standard to save a little bit for later or other things.

I should leave to Moalboal (90 south) by tomorrow morning and hope to dive the next day.

Posted by stephane at July 20, 2003 04:33 PM