July 21, 2003


I left Cebu in the morning after a breakfast with a whopping price of 7 pesos ($US0.13) to take a bus from the South Terminal to the city of Moalboal, 89 km south. It cost me 50 pesos (US$1) from the YMCA to the bus terminal, 50 pesos for the bus ride (an experience itself) and 40 pesos for a trycicle ride between Moalboal and Pamasagna beach where are located the beach resorts/dive centers. (the last ride is a bit overpriced as it cost normally 5-6 pesos)

Most local buses (jeepneys) in the Philippines are modified WW2 US Army jeeps. The one I had was a bit different but they added a special feature: a loud megabass system that could have blow up a whole building ! During the trip we received showers from a passing typhoon that should hit the north of the island in the next days (I'm lucky, I'm between typhoons )

Everything is very american-like in the Philippines, this is no wonder if we consider the links between the 2 countries. In 1898, after being at war with Spain, the USA signed the treaty of peace in Paris as it was the French government that issued the call for suspension of hostilities. Spain renounced all rights to Cuba and allowed an independent Cuba, ceded Puerto Rico and the island of Guam to the USA, gave up its possessions in the West Indies, and sold the Philippine Islands, receiving in exchange $20,000,000.

Enough history for today.

For the record, I'm staying at Mollie's Place. A cool cottage with a choice of rooms ranging from basic to expensive. The cheapest one is at 100 pesos. I took a room at 395 pesos. The food is a bit expensive (philippinely speaking, but there are plenty of restaurants everywhere, so this should not be a real problem). I should be diving tomorrow with Blue Abyss.

Posted by stephane at July 21, 2003 11:20 AM