July 28, 2003

Web Hosting Problems

As some of you may have noticed my host provider TopClassHost was unable to offer redundancy yesterday and thus the whole site was unavailable for some unknown time. They even did not configure the website properly to avoid a 404 error on url with paths only the root was displaying the maintenance message

I haven't receive any explanations from them with details (or even mention) of the problem. I was trying to upload pictures today but I could not due to unexpected failure. I have a 'Permission denied' when connecting via SSH and thus cannot do anything right now. I sent them an email asking for explanations, but I'm really tired and I will not hesitate to look somewhere if such incidents occur with unacceptable frequency.

I tried to connect via FTP and discovered that I'm no more the owner of all my files which explains why nothing work. Each time there was a backup to be done they managed to not set the owner correctly afterwards. This error has been striking more than once in the past and they are still not able to come over it.

For now, sorry guys but no pictures from Hong Kong and Moalboal.

If Jerome is reading this, he will probably be the only one enjoying the situation: "See Stephane, I told you to use my server, moreover it was free".

Posted by stephane at July 28, 2003 01:05 PM