July 29, 2003

Philippines Impressions

I have a bit of time so I will write my first feelings as a dumb tourist in the Philippines. Being there for only a week. All in all this was my first contact with Asia if I except a couple of long or short term involvement with people in the French and American asian community. Anyway. What first strikes as a man in the Philippines is obviouslly the deep interest you attract toward Filipinos young women. And I can tell you that there are some extremely attractive one !

I was in the Philippines for less than 2 hours that I was already asked if I had a Filipino wife, if I wanted one, and if I felt like it I could visits the students in the ladies dormitory. Not a bad start.

This is no wonder as this is obviouslly a good way to quit the Philippines and have a better life. This is a bit like egyptians men chasing western women in Egypt but the other way around. If you hang out on the beach and in bars, you will find the beach girls like you find the beach boys in Egypt, Kenya and Zanzibar. However the asian way is way more softer in manneers.

What has been striking as well is that people here ared fundamentally honest and friendly with tourists like me. They don't cheat on you like Egyptians or don't try overcharge like in Africa. They gave me the real price for just about anything and were courteous, helpful, polite and friendly. Should it be to buy food in the local shops in the village, take the bus, taxi, tricycle, restaurant, internet, whatever... I was always given the real local price which made the experience more enjoyable than constant haggling.

I wish I could stay more to travel around and discover more of the country, but this is endless. I hope I will be back later to visit different islands as I would really like to visit the Ifugaos. Oh well, this is a lifetime experience.

Next is Thailand.

Posted by stephane at July 29, 2003 02:36 AM