July 29, 2003


I just arrived in Bangkok about 2 hours ago after a short flight from Hong-Kong(2 hours, it is roughly the same distance than to Cebu). I took a metered taxi from the airport (300 bahts) after avoiding the hawkers close to the exit gate that wanted to get me in their taxis for 500. That was a hell of an experience to have a conversation with a Thai taxi driver who speaks slightly more english than I speak thai. I managed to learn a few thai words during the ride and he dropped me at the expected location .

As recommended to me by Maher, I'm staying at the Tavee Guesthouse close to the intersection between Si Ayutthaya Rd and San Sem Rd (you cannot miss the sign on the street). I got a clean room for 250 bahts (~6$) and the place looks very nice and quiet. Good choice !

Posted by stephane at July 29, 2003 05:38 PM