July 30, 2003

My Tailor Is Rich

I have been wandering today in the (un)famous part of Bangkok: Khao San Road. Basically Khao San is filled with guesthouses, restaurants, internet cafes, tailors, etc.. and is also packed with backpackers. In this area you probably see more western backpackers than thais. So if you are looking for a little bit more authenticity and calm, get out there.

Incidentally I also went into a few tailor shops just to look at what can be made here. The price varies greatly between shops and it's hard to figure out the right price, so I believe it is overpriced anyway. Roughly I had a proposal for a suit at 7500 bahts ($180) or in another shop I could have a suit, an extra trouser, 2 shirts and a tie for 6500 bahts ($155). Some other shops advertise about 89$ for everything...

I was looking for some Lanvin or Hugo Boss like style. Some kind of straight jacket, 3 buttons, casual and serious at the same time.

At Hoi-Nan, Vietnam I have heard from serious sources that you can get one from $25 though quality might suffer a little bit. Workmanship quality in any case is style a serious unknown variable as is material quality. I'm not very specialized in tissues.

The plan in the next days is that there is none except that I will probably spend a couple of days in Bangkok looking around and then maybe go to Chiang Mai and then maybe go somewhere... on the beach.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. This place is packed with girls... first time I see that many since I'm travelling. Lots of women don't want to go to Africa on their own because they are afraid of security issues (it's a no-brainer from my point of view, it's no different than anywhere else) and most of the one who go jump into an overland trip especially if they travel alone.

Asia. No way. They are invading it :green:

Posted by stephane at July 30, 2003 01:35 PM