July 27, 2003

Moalboal UW Pictures

Back again to Pescador in the morning, I'm persisting over the frogfish and the visibility conditions are great here anyway. I'm also experimenting with some 'landscape' shots that would normally be much better with a wide angle lens and a powerful strobe. The problem here is to have enough light to have the color in the foreground and a nice blue in the background. Since I have no wide angle lens, I have quite a narrow one (well that sounds logical) and the shots are not that pleasant to the eye, but that's good experiment nonetheless.

Lionfish (pterois volitans) Lionfish (pterois volitans) Lionfish (pterois volitans) Spotted frogfish (antennarius pictus) Spotted frogfish (antennarius pictus) Scorpionfish Banca with ladder in the water ready for picking divers How to fail all shots of a beautifully static object ? Ask me. Scorpionfish Blackspotted puffer (arothron nigropunctatus)

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