August 02, 2003

Chatuchak Weekend Market

I did not want to bother with a tuk-tuk (and the woman at the guesthouse told me that it was too far for a tuk-tuk anyway) so I took a taxi to the Chatuchak Weekend Market (B70). First step, trying to make the taxi driver understand where I want to go. I give a try to 'weekend market' as trying to speak thai is a frustrating experience due to the tones. These words don't even produce a small light in the eyes of my driver...ok I give a try to 'chatuchak market'. My driver smiles big time: 'aaaaaaah sunday market ?!" mmm well it's also on saturday but go for it...

10 minutes later I end up at one of the entrance of the market. There are more than 6000 stalls to peruse and it's an experience in itself. You find everything from books, handicrafts, food, drinks, clothing and accessories, used clothing, pets and accessories, furnitures and decor objects, antiques and collectibles, ceramics, arts ... to plant and gardening tools.

Of course in the middle of all this you still find here and there some pirated vcd and dvds (B60 to B120). Don't get too excited though as for example most DVDs are made from video camera shot taken inside a movie theater. You get a menu and even subtitles but you will have a good laugh with the english subtitles as they are hand-made and obviouslly the one doing it did not understand everything.

After hanging around (and finding nothing worth to buy) I took a taxi to Jim Thompson's House.

Chatuchak market, porcelain shop Chatuchak market - Fruits and vegetable stall. Don't get too excited by the colors, it's all fake ;) Chatuchak market - Aquarium area, Fish for sale Chatuchak market - Aquarium area, Fish for sale Chatuchak market - Aquarium area, Fish for sale Chatuchak market, dog puppies Chatuchak market, Squirrels. There were hundreds of them. I'm not sure what they are for. Chatuchak market, locusts. Probably as food for snakes, chameleons or iguanes..or something else... pet ? ;) Chatuchak market, squirrels. The one on top of the cages are tighten to the cages with a rope. Chatuchak market, multicolors chicks. Yes this is real, what can be the use of this ??? Chatuchak market, snakes in cage Chatuchak market, scorpions in cage

Posted by stephane at August 2, 2003 01:15 PM