August 03, 2003

Royal Barges Museum

I started lazily my day around 11AM and had lunch in the streets near Khao San (at B15 a Pad Thai with one egg it is no budget killer). While eating, I got asked by 2 tuk-tuk drivers where I wanted to go. Well for now I'm eating but as I need to lose some time, what about talking to some hawkers.

- 'Royal Barges Museum'
- 'Show me on map'
- 'Here, on the other side of the bridge. It's close'
- 'Ok, what about going here, here, here and here. 1 hour only' (That's probably 2 hours blocked in the traffic but anyway...)
- 'I don't want to go there, it's done already. I want to go to the Royal Barges'
- 'ok' and he leaves.

Another one stop by and here we go again.
- 'Royal Barges Museum'
- 'No good here. Closed. Not very nice. Golden Mount and Big Buddha, 150 baths only'
- 'No I want to go to Royal Barges and it's open. And for 150 I can go to the airport for this price'
- 'Ok, 100'

Another one stop me while I start walking toward the Royal Barges Museum, but then again, it is the same story. I don't know how many dumb tourists are ready to pay this absurd price for a tuk-tuk, but obviouslly there is no shortage of it and certainly not in Khao San where they seem to get a loadcrap of pigeons.

After less than 10 minutes walk, I'm in the Royal Barges museum (B30). I must really look twice to believe what is written on a sign. They ask to pay B100 to take pictures of the barges while a commercial project is charged B300. This is absolutely ridiculous. Not only to have to pay that much to take pictures but also the small amount that it represents for a commercial project.

I'm leaving after a while and try to use my 4 maps to figure out where I am. This is even more frustrated as you bump into nice temples on the road that are not even on the tourist maps. Though I'm always looking twice due to the many orthographs and names used for a site.

After a while I'm really getting sick of temples, as indeed they are very similar to each other, that's a sign that my tourist activity must end up and switch to something else. While walking I manage to miss the Temple Of Dawn, which was supposedly next to the street I was walking on, but obviously not. I find myself about 1km south of it. At least that's what I was thinking when crossing the bridge back to the town center. On the other side, after walking north, I realize that I'm way more south that I thought I was. Indeed, the bridge I crossed was not on the maps, the real one was up north !! @$&!

It's getting close to 4PM and I'm getting close to Wat Po.

Camera Fee sign at the Royal Barges Museum. Seeing is believing. Asura Vayufak barge Asura Vayufak barge Anantanakaraj Royal Barge Anantanakaraj Royal Barge Wat Amarinthraram Worawiharn Wat Amarinthraram Worawiharn Wat Amarinthraram Worawiharn Wat Rakhang Khositaram Woramahawiharn Wat Rakhang Khositaram Woramahawiharn Wat Phichaya Yatikaram

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