August 03, 2003

Wat Po

Wat Po is Bangkok's oldest temple ( looks like to me I have been reading that already somewhere) and is most famous for housing the enormous statue of a reclining Buddha. Howver the main purpose of my visit was the traditional Thai massage.

Wat Po is indeed a center for traditional medecine and I took a 1h traditional Thai massage with herbs (B400) to relax a bit from the day. And after all, Thailand is well-known for its massages.

At the end of it, I felt like I spent only 10 minutes between the rough hands and legs of my masseuse. Roughly it is hard to explain but they apply compression points to certain points of your body and roll the muscles. The compression points are amazing because they really push hard and you just hold your breath. Before starting I told her that I had a bit of pain in the back and she applied compression points on my abdomen. Immediately I felt like a warm pain diffusing in my abdomen and preventing me from breathing. The (good) pain expanded quickly toward my back just like hot water, this was just a very strange feeling.

Well, at the end of it I thought I could easily go for another hour.

I felt relax, but not exhausted like the first time I went to the ostheopath a few months ago. I felt that the later was much more effective.

In any case a good massage does not kill and does wonders

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