August 07, 2003

Chiang Mai artists

Apparently, the Northern side of Thailand is well known for its teak woodcarvers. I can say for sure that their art is absolutely breathtaking ! So are their prices, this is absolutely out of reach for me right now. Most of it range in the B9000-B25000 ($200-$600). I however did some business with drawing/painting artists in the night bazaar. I went to a Kodak shop, ask them to print one of my digital picture from a few months ago (4x6" format) and gave it as a model. The drawing of the picture was executed in less than 12 hours and the quality is absolutely awesome. I had tears in my eyes when I saw the result.

I'm pretty sure I will ask for their service again in the future. Contact is:

Red Skin Gallery
Paradorn Threemake
104/1 (Basement of Night Bazaar)
Changklan Rd. Chiangmai 50100
Thailand Tel 053-417211
Mobile 01-8848701

They can do drawings in black&white, sepia, pastel or oil from any picture in format 28x38, 38x50, 50x70 or special format.

I cannot post pictures from their gallery since photos are not permitted. (This is really a frustrating thing in Thailand)

Posted by stephane at August 7, 2003 05:36 PM