August 10, 2003

Koh Tao

I managed to make it to Koh Tao a few hours ago. It was not a very long bus ride and was confortable relatively speaking. We left Bangkok at around 8PM, stopped on the road for 1 hour at midnight and arrived at the pier at 4AM. We then waited...and waited to board the ferry at around 7AM and we arrived in Koh Tao about 3 hours later.

I landed at Ban's Diving. I had to choose one anyway. I'm staying in a bungalow at B350 ($8.3) though I will probably move later on to get something cheaper and might move as well from dive center. I don't like too much the policy of canceling the dive straight after only 40 minutes, but will see what is really like.

In any case Ban's is doing mass production of Open Water certification . I have a hard time seeing how we can certify people with an instructor taking about 12 students at a time. They are maybe 50 OW certification en route right now in Ban's, about 3 big groups of French, Japanese and English speaking people. Quality must suffer a bit but maybe I'm just pessimistic and they found the trick that other did not. (ok, let's be positive, they found it)

Sunset in Koh Tao Bar desk of Ban's Diving Resort Staff at Ban's Restaurant watching Thailand-Real Madrid

Posted by stephane at August 10, 2003 06:46 AM