August 13, 2003

Arrrrgh ! Water !

I've been diving Chumphon again this morning with a loadcrap of people as you can see in the pictures (how come I'm not the only one ? ). At about 28m deep, surprise ! I see water in the housing ! S*** !!!! I managed to come up at the end of the dive with a relatively safe camera though I'm not sure how long it will work. Salt water and electronic usually don't mix well... I had 4 packs of silicat gel inside to work against air humidity here, the 4 packs absorbed a lot of water but I had the content of about 4 tea spoons when I opened the housing. This is no good.

Already yesterday the spring that acts as a callback for using the zoom broke . I just contacted DEPP which is the insurance I took for all my diving gear, housing and camera. As I took the flooding option, I will wait for their feedback, but this is really bad news.

Bubbles everywhere Potato bass Mass of divers going up through an anchor line Divers passing by at the boat's vertical Pink anemonefish This site is a little bit crowded... Note, the vision was like this on 360 degrees in all directions... Rough evaluation: Over 300 divers on the site. Divers at all levels in every position Can I come as well ? ;)

Posted by stephane at August 13, 2003 09:18 AM

Fatch, on se dirait sur le periph aux heures de pointe!

Posted by: Ilae on August 17, 2003 09:29 AM

oui c'est a peu pres l'idee mais tu en rajoutes une couche en considerant que 90% des conducteurs viennent d'avoir leur permis et sont en train de le passer et t'es proche de la realite

Posted by: stephane on August 17, 2003 03:01 PM