August 14, 2003

Koh Tao

After the flood disaster from yesterday, I cleaned up everything and did another attempt as the camera is still miraculously working. I also tried to fix the zoom mechanism on the housing but I encounter a real problem as the screw that fixes it to the housing is an hexagonal one that is between 1.5 and 2mm so it is absolutely non-standard and could not find any wrench for it . Anyway, it did well for the 2 dives in the morning albeit shallow one (max 20m), I'm wondering what it will be around 30m as there is another bar of pressure.

Dive this morning were pretty cool as all the crowd apparently went to Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party. We were (relatively speaking) pretty few divers.

In the afternoon I went to work on my tan with Chloe, Gaelle, Solene, Maylis and Aymeric at Tanote Bay. We took a boat from Mae Haad (the main village) for B150 / person.

Chloe,Maylis and Aymeric getting ready for the morning dive Gaelle during breakfast Bluespotted stingray White-eyed moray White-eyed moray Koh Tao islests We have cookies during surface interval, right Aymeric ? Heellooooo, can someone bring me the ladder ??!! Sooooo, how was the dive ? Divers going for their second dive Nudibranch Scorpionfish Goby A Divemaster from Ban's Nudibranch Gaelle demonstrating she's got beautiful eyes Solene showing me she's got the look too. ;) Gaelle, Chloe, Maylis and Solene with me behind Divers boarding from the beach for the afternoon dives A desperate diver ready for everything (nearly) to get her lost computer back

Posted by stephane at August 14, 2003 12:48 PM

Hello Stephane, What a great web site!!!!!
Enjoy your journey around Malaysia!
And if you could send us all the photos of us, your CD was empty,

I'll follow your trip, for sure!



Posted by: Emeric on August 27, 2003 12:45 PM

The CD was probably written in multisession and not finalized. Some CDRom drive cannot read information of unfinalized disc(not closed).

I'm always mixed when giving a CD to people. Should I close the disc and prevent further writing or should I leave it open.

It looks like many people have problem reading it (and this is also my experience in cybercafe as well, but most of the time the hardware is really crap).

Try to get your hands one some recent combo dvd/cdrw drive. Otherwise I will mail it another to you.

Posted by: stephane on August 28, 2003 09:09 AM

Hello Stephane. Nice to read you again. I'll follow all your trip...
I know few things in computer, and believe me, multissecession or not, I tried with almost 6 differents drives, it doesn't work at all. That's a pity...
Never mind, we can also waiting for your come back in France, I know how hard it is to send something from this kind of country...

Enjoy your journey and grab me a whale shark!

Posted by: Emeric on September 1, 2003 10:47 AM