August 27, 2003

Temple Of the Sea - Part II

I went back to Temple of the Sea. I could not leave without trying it again to take pictures with the camera and luck was with me as I had a flawless dive. I was diving with Frank, another french that just bought a Sony DSCP-10 in Singapore and who was in the Perhentians for vacations and a cool divemaster named James, he is a slow diver so all was good for us. Franck and I were very happy to dive with him. Conditions were slightly worse than last time but still it was awesome.

On our way to Temple of the Sea Bamboo shark Stonefish Stonefish Raggy scorpionfish Bamboo shark Bamboo shark Hypselodoris bullockii (chromodorididae), nudibranch Bamboo shark Giant moray Rhino boxfish Zebra lionfish Zebra lionfish

Posted by stephane at August 27, 2003 10:02 AM