August 29, 2003


I just arrived at Singapore a few hours ago after a quiet train journey. It is really worth it compared to the bus as you can lay down and sleep well at least. I cleared off the immigration quickly and crashed into 7th Storey Hostel where I'm staying into a 4-bed dorm for S$17.

Just before I was wandering into Little India and looking for a place called Goh's Homestay or something like this. Either I did not open my eyes correctly, or the place is closed, or the address is simply not good. Anyway, I took a taxi to 7th storey and quickly disappear in the hot shower.

I will hang around in the afternoon trying to do what I have to do. Mainly looking for UW photography gear and go to Olympus Repair Center.

Posted by stephane at August 29, 2003 04:57 AM