August 23, 2003

Mistery Reef

Loads of problems with the camera today. It's shutting down intermittently and I need to remove the batteries and play on/off game a few time to reactivate it. Contact problems probably, it's okay to do this on land but removing the batteries underwater is more challenging . I just have to accept it. The first dive at Mistery Reef was however very nice. Flat bottom around 24m, so bottom time is barely 30 minutes before deco. There are loads of critters however, it's very promising.

Family exercise in the morning, Long Beach, Perhentian Kecil. Lionfish Bluespotted stingray Giant (or Starry ?) pufferfish (Arothron stellatus) Giant (or Starry ?) pufferfish (Arothron stellatus) Grey Bamboo Shark Grey Bamboo Shark

Posted by stephane at August 23, 2003 01:43 PM