August 30, 2003

'Repair will not be economical'

I did not waste much time since I'm here. Basically I dropped the camera and housing yesterday at the Olympus Repair Center and I pressured them for a quick report. I had the conclusion this morning: 'repair will not be economical' and as for the housing they don't have spare parts so it is not repairable. I will fax the conclusion to DEPP (insurance) and hope that it will not take too long if they accept to replace it as I don't want to waste too much time (and money) in Singapore.

I had a lunch today with Eric Han, a cool underwater photographer from Singapore and he was nice enough to bring me his Ikelite DS50 and Sea & Sea YS90DX strobe setup so that I could have a look. I tend to favor the DS50.

Basically what I would like is to have more light to increase a little bit my shooting options, especially if I get a wide angle lens and a macro lens.

Ikelite distributors in Singapore don't seem to carry stock and it may take about 5 working days to get one so it might be more convenient for me to have it ship directly from the US from Adorama or B&H Photo Video (though B&H Photo Video does not accept hostel address).

Of course all this is a bit suspended to the decision of the insurance, I definitely cannot afford to get a new housing + camera and add strobes. It is one or the other.

Posted by stephane at August 30, 2003 11:39 AM