September 03, 2003

What a joke !

I hardly could believe it. I went to the US Embassy this morning and was told that they do not issue tourists visa for people not being resident in Singapore for less than 6 months. Basically I was told to get one somewhere else (Indonesia or Australia) as this is a Singapore specificity. They told me they do this otherwise there would be a queue of 1km outside the embassy.

Just after leaving the embassy I went to an ATM get some cash and pushed the wrong button (there is always a shift between the buttons on the screen and the case, this one was huge and I was obviouslly thinking about something else) and instead of getting 'other withdrawals' I find myself with a pile of cash that will make me a millionaire in Indonesia (4,926,700 rupiahs as of today)...

Posted by stephane at September 3, 2003 08:05 AM