September 03, 2003

Insurance Details

I'm moving this to a separate article as I put more details into it. This information may help people looking for information as I noticed that I got a good number of hits from Google, MSN and Yahoo search engines. Basically, I have news from DEPP but I'm still working on it. It looks like the job sheets from Olympus do not really satisfy them as there is no amount specified for a possible repair. I can understand that but Olympus does not want to look at it anyway as it is corrosion, so I hardly can see how I can force them to give me a quote for something they don't want to bother repairing as 'it will not be economical'.

So, I was told (as far as I understood) that I could proceed to buy a new camera and they will reimburse me asap. However at the same time they tell me that they want the housing to be repaired since it can be repaired. That's fine, but there is a flaw as it can be repaired...but it is not repairable as they don't have spare parts.

To quote what has already been said many times,
Olympus specifically disclaims responsibility for any flooding of the
housing and/or any damage to the camera. Which means they accept no liability for the housing except for the limited recourse under the Japanese Product Liability law, which means if the housing is defective upon receipt, they
will repair or replace it.

For repair or warranty work, the housing needs to be shipped back to Japan
prepaid. Olympus does not normally supply any user replaceable parts (furthermore I sent a fax 2 weeks ago asking them to order this part but there was no follow-up), so if something is broken (which is the case), the housing will need to be sent to Olympus Japan for replacement and testing.

Considering I paid US$40 for shipping the PT-010 housing from Japan, this already bring me at half the current price of the housing.

Assuming that I'm reimbursed for the housing, I assume a delay of 2 weeks
which at a low US$20/day brings me at US$300 at my own expense just waiting for a replacement of a US$175 housing...

I see you coming already by telling me that I don't need to eat. OK. assuming I don't eat for 2 weeks this should bring me to only US$150 of accommodation expenses

So logically speaking, there is a flaw anyway, but of course it is me paying here so I guess that it is acceptable for the insurance.

I expect to come to a compromise.

Posted by stephane at September 3, 2003 05:16 PM

hello dear,
Stephane, do you have any picture of you from last days, I'd like to see you again....have a nice time

Posted by: jana on September 3, 2003 07:08 PM

not really, I'm not really photogenic, but you can find a picture on august 14 fwiw. I will think about having my ego bigger than what it is right now and take more pictures of me. can be useful when I will be 90 to look back.

Posted by: stephane on September 4, 2003 01:14 AM

Coucou Stéphane !
Je suis passée voir les photos de koh tao, elles sont très belles ! J'ai halluciné sur ton site, tu le tient bien à jour, c'est très interressant.
Pour le moment toute la petite équipe (Cholé comprise) est réunie sur Paris ... A bientôt et bon voyage !

Posted by: Solène on September 5, 2003 12:25 PM

Hello Solène,
Merci pour les compliments. J'ai d'autres photos de vous, mais il faudra attendre un peu pour les avoir celles la .

Posted by: stephane on September 6, 2003 03:19 AM