September 05, 2003

Can you elaborate ?

This is basically the question I'm burning to ask when I have to deal with an insurer that is switched in 'claim' mode. All replies to emails become evasives, do not answer all the questions about the procedure and takes suddenly days. Sun Tzu's tactic at its best.

The choice they give you by writing evasive replies, is just made in order to provide you with as little information as possible so that you get more chance to do the wrong thing.

This is somewhat the opposite of Hobson's choice where you have a choice without alternatives. For the little history, Thomas Hobson told every customer he could have any horse he wanted as long as it was the one nearest the door. Basically a famous example of Hobson's choice is Henry Ford with his Model T where he was making it available to customers in every color as long as it is black.

Anyway, I proceeded to acquisition of a new camera and housing because I really had enough of this talk, and took advantage of a local promotion in Singapore (free gifts of a value of S$440) I find myself with a tripod, a camera bag, a wide angle lens, a macro lens...and no more room in my bags to put a single needle. I just hope that the insurer will reimburse me as promised. ( I will have to do a backup on 10 differents repositories to provide failover, in case of conflicts )

I went to the Singapore Botanic and Orchid garden today (as well as yesterday, but my half-working camera decided to eat batteries like popcorn in the first 30 minutes of my visit...). I will see if I managed to take some reasonably good shots and may post them later. I just can hope that they will do justice to the flowers because they are simply amazing (especially in the myst house)

Stay tuned for a visit to the bird park as well.

Posted by stephane at September 5, 2003 04:25 PM