September 19, 2003

Diving Nusa Lembongan

I've been diving Nusa Lembongan with World Diving since monday and I must say that it is very impressive. The visibility is simply awesome, as is the coral reef and the marine life. The water is however subject to huge thermoclines and ranges from about 24 to 18C, you'd better take a 5mm wetsuit. The downside is that there are impressive currents sometimes reaching up to 5 knots and in every way: left, right, upward and...downward. Some dive sites are not recommended for beginners.

I still did not have the opportunities to see the awaited Oceanic Sunfish aka Mola Mola. The DM saw it from far away today and it was down at about 40m+ as well.

Internet here is absolute crap and reaches 1000RP/min. After 15 minutes I still was not able to check my email. The packets loss is huge.

White-eyed moray Mantis shrimp Mantis shrimp

Posted by stephane at September 19, 2003 11:07 AM