September 22, 2003

Padang Bai

I'm now in Padang Bay. This is a small village known as the main port to go to Lombok as the ferry is leaving from here. I left Nusa Lembongan this morning taking advantage of a small boat that brings fruits and vegetables to the island from Kusemba. I was in the boat with 2 nice german girls, Ines and Jessica who are medical students in Munich and it took us a short hour of sailing/engine to reach Kusemba. (It is basically 10 minutes from Padang Bay)

We all went to KlongKlong which is on the way to Besakih, a big temple. In the original plans we were possibly thinking about staying in KlongKlong, but the 'hotel' was so bad, that it was not even necessary to waste time bargaining as it was a shithole with no shower, lousy staff and they were asking for 50000RP for this crap.

The bemo that we went in wanted to charge us about 150000RP to go to Besakih and fallback to Padang Bay. So we dropped him and took another one where we agreed for 75000RP (25000RP each).

We spent one hour at the temple at Besakih (that does not deserve more IMHO) and our self officially appointed guide requested its 'fare' which he said was 20000RP each normally. From 60000RP his original request, he left us only with 5000RP. That was already kind from me considering his attitude where they don't tell people anything. A matter of principles for me, I don't like when they are playing this kind of trick with tourists, the money is not the question here (even though asking 20000RP / person is absolutely ridiculous).

We arrived in Padang Bay and crashed into the first hotel, we tried to negotiate rooms but still were a bit higher than expected considering the room. Jessica left with Ines to look for other places while I was keeping the bags and they bargained a price of 30000RP / room (breakfast included) at Kembar Inn which was just next to it. Rooms are much better so that was a pretty smart move.

Besakih Temple Besakih Temple Swastika symbol at Besakih Temple Besakih Temple Besakih Temple Rice terraces The bemo we used from Klungkung to Besakih and Padang Bai Jessica dealing a stop to the Bats Cave with our bemo driver Rice terraces Bats Cave Bats Cave

Posted by stephane at September 22, 2003 10:20 AM

Bon anniversaire ... happy birthday in case you did not read your mail .

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