September 27, 2003

Sanur Again

Took the bus this morning back to Sanur for 25000RP. I went through Ubud and was astonished by all the hawkers that jump on the tourists leaving the bus to stay in Ubud. This place looks insane, it must probably be a Kuta bis . I have asked the people in my bus if it was always like this in Ubud as they stayed there before and they told me that painfully, it was. In their opinion it was much better staying in Padang Bai and do all the daily circuits from there rather than staying in Ubud, even though it involved some additional driving . I understand now why some people told me they basically stayed there less than 2 hours before leaving somewhere else...

I was astonished by the driving style of our bus driver. In about 2 hours we had about 2 dozens of motorcycle drivers close to finish their life as a bus hub cap ! Unbelievable !

Just for the record I have been eating yesterday in Pantai Ayu a restaurant in Padang Bai recommended to me by Maher and the Fish Saos Rajang was the best food I have had since I'm in Bali.

Until now, I'm far of being impressed with the food that you can find in every restaurant or warung around Bali. Every menu is the same, every meal taste the same everywhere and all this for a price of around 12-15000RP. No imagination, no extra. Out of the traditional Nasi/Bami goreng and a few others meals, it looks like you have to go to more expensive restaurants to get more 'choice'. Balinese cooking seems mainly to be done in big occasions.

Running a 'tourist' restaurant, like an internet place seems to be a pretty lucrative business and no effort is made to rise the quality above average, which is quite sad considering the potential.

Posted by stephane at September 27, 2003 06:33 AM